bring customers and engagement to your business!

Turn a Virtual Tour into Traffic

Get a Google Street View Virtual Tour for Your Business

Local Visibility

Virtual Tours effectively capture Search & Map users.

Drive Engagement

Customers can visit inside your business 24/7.

Google Rankings

Google loves you for contributing 360º content.

What is a Virtual Tour?

A Virtual Tour gives the viewer the chance to experience your business with just a drag of the mouse (or finger).

Tours even allow you to “walk through” the interior spaces of a business!

Simply drag your mouse/finger up, down, left, and right to experience the scene.

All of our photographers are Google Trusted Photographers!

Let your customers see inside

Why your business

needs a Virtual Tour


Return on investment for virtual tour is <4 weeks.



Virtual tours keep people on your website 5-10X longer.


23% increase in total views on search and Google Maps.

How It Works

our process is simply this


Schedule your tour by contacting us by email or phone


Our photographer captures your images in one to two hours on average. 


Your Google Business profile will deliver greater customer engagement!

Virtual Tour Demos


Coworking Space




    • Storefront plus 2 interior scenes
    • Upload to Google Business Listing
    • Integrate with Google Street View
    • Unlimited rights to tour/photos
    • 1 "Google My Business" Featured Image
    • Storefront plus 6-7 interior scenes
    • Upload to Google Business Listing
    • Integrate with Google Street View
    • Unlimited rights to tour/photos
    • 1 "Google My Business" Featured Image
    • Aerial photo package
    • Aerial 4K Video Clip

Custom Tours and Add-Ons

Custom tour packages include all features in Premium pricing plus unlimited number of scenes, embedded content (menus, photos, video, info pop-ups), 3-D models, custom website integration and more!

For more information about hosting Tours and updating your Tour’s content, Google Analytics for Tours and content clicks, and details about media management and long-term strategies please click the button below.

We also offer aerial, marketing & 360º videos at your request.


What you should know before hiring a Google Trusted Photographer for your virtual tour.


Investing in a Virtual Tour for your business is one the smartest moves you can make for growing your business.  Navigating the every-changing algorithms that Google uses to determine rankings can be overwhelming!  However, one simple addition to your Google listing can change how you rank with the simple addition of a virtual tour.  Case studies show a virtual tour will:

  • Help with Google search and Google My Business placement
  • Showcase your business
  • Increase visitor retention and “stickiness” (visitors will stay longer on your website)
  • Increase traffic and engagement
  • Improve conversion rates on sale and lead generation

For a modest investment that will last forever, it just makes business sense!


It’s simple, fast, and easy!

  1. Book Your Session with one of our Google Trusted Photographers and we’ll discuss the best package that fits your needs.  All of our packages include a storefront and interior panorama “scenes” (a “scene” is a fixed point or perspective from which a 360-degree panoramic is photographed).
  2. Shooting Your Tour.  The actual shoot takes an hour or two, depending on your package.  We take care to not be invasive or interrupt your normal flow of business.
  3. Our turnaround is fast!  Within 24-48 hours, we’ll publish your tour to Google and you can start to see results.  Often our tours start logging hundreds if not thousands of “views” within a week of posting.

Contact us here to book your session!


Our insanely high commitment to quality means that our tours are shot with premium quality 360° cameras and DSLRs that generate images that are crisp, vibrant, and simply stunning.

We are both photographers and entrepreneurs, so we look at your business through the lens of a camera as well as from our experience as business owners.   We understand the challenge to get noticed in an increasingly noisy marketplace!

Therefore our goals are simple — to dynamically showcase your business with visually captivating imagery so you get seen!


from Google

“Street View trusted pros are:

  • Recipients of the Street View trusted badge
  • Distinguished contributors with fifty approved and published 360 photos
  • Featured in our index of for-hire professionals
  • Equipped to use the Trusted brand assets for marketing purposes”

While having one of the less than 20,000 badges given worldwide, please note that someone who has earned this badge is not necessarily a trained professional or a professional photographer at all. Velocity VT’s team are all visual media professionals, often certified UAV pilots and skilled web marketers.


At Velocity Virtual Tours, our staff includes business owners, photographers, videographers, website designers, marketing professionals, and copywriters.  We are able to help business on multiple fronts, including:

  • Marketing and highlight reels, interview / narrative videos
  • Aerial Photography & Video
  • UAV Data & 3D Models incl. Documentation & Surveys
  • Website design/redesign, media & tour management
  • Integration of media assets with website, social media, and Google
  • Location & product photography
  • 360º video rendered in 2D or 360º
Great, it looks amazing!!! I love the audio narrative additions throughout. We're so excited to promote this on our website, Facebook and social media. Thank you so much for your hard work and I look forward to our next project!
Working with Robert has been surprisingly eye-opening. I was happy to learn how to maximize my Google Business Listing since I had no idea so much could be accomplished with minimal expense and effort on my part. His website and tour photography capture our spaces beautifully and as a former restaurant owner, he was able to create the whole experience without our direction. Most importantly, our Google virtual tour is getting almost 1,000 views per week, and we haven’t even promoted it yet! The fact that you can know what scenes people look at and what they click on is data my marketing team is going to use. Thank you for your insights and hard work!
I just watched the aerial video clips like ten times. When Matt told me what we're paying for your custom virtual tours that include this aerial footage, I said, 'We just got our money's worth right there!' This video is exactly what our brand is about and shows everyone how beautiful our Builds can be. We can't wait to see the tours!
As a professional wedding and outdoor photographer, I have been fortunate to work with Robert on land, in the air and underwater both locally in CO and overseas. I love his work. His footage captivates you and sends you on a flight past epic views and intimate moments. No matter how many times I watch it, I am amazed by his mastery of capturing authentic beauty from the mixture of flight and storytelling. I highly recommend him!
Robert is easy to work with and excellent at what he does!